The Art of Living Your Desires

  • Are you a teacher who feels that the demands of your teaching job’s  workload is draining you and adding extra stress into your life?

  • Do you find yourself going into hibernation during school holidays and that it takes you a week to ‘shut off' thinking about your job?

  • Do you find that even though you love teaching and being with the children in the classroom, that there is still a want in your heart to bring something out in your own life, just for you and your happiness?

  • Are you tired of feeling frustrated and stressed and are looking to do something about it?

  • Does your list of priorities have your needs listed somewhere down the bottom? Are you after your kids; your husband, your family, your students, your job and then you can start to look at your needs?

 Live in your passions with joy

If this sounds like you then I know what you are feeling right now.  For seventeen years I embraced my teaching career and loved being in the classroom with my students.  Yet at the end of the day I was still left with an unfulfilled feeling of longing for something more, but feeling too exhausted to do anything about it.

I remember some sleepless nights where I felt so frustrated I couldn't sleep. I longed for more personal happiness in my life and then instantly felt guilty about wanting more because my life was 'pretty good'. I couldn't shake the feeling off of wanting more enjoyment of my time, more peace in my heart, a more fuller and fulfilling life. I wanted more opportunities to do the things that I loved like making art and travel.

Deep inside of me I knew there was so much more I wanted in my life, but I didn’t know how to attract that into my current life. I didn’t know how to talk to others about how I was feeling.  It made me feel so guilty inside for having such needs and not being content with what I already had.

Then I decided to do something about it. I searched for answers. After seven years of diving deep into my own personal development through self-help reading and countless courses. I created the lifestyle I always desired and knew I was destined for. ​Today I am coaching women who want more out of life and use their teaching skills as a background.

By tapping into my personal journey and discovering what other women desire in their lives,  I have created a program called “The Art of Living Your Desires”. Now I am living from my desires  travelling the world and helping  women internationally  gain clarity in her desires and enjoy her lifestyle.

Sari Cecilia is a Transformational Coach for teachers who are ready to let go of the stresses of their demanding jobs and get out of overwhelm by developing the tools on how live a happier life and tap into their desires.

Why Hire Me?

  • You may ask yourself why would I need to hire someone to realize and live my desires?
  • Couldn’t I get that from applying what I read in self-help books? 
  • You could but like me it may take you 7 years of research and participating in countless courses. I can help to fast track you into living the life you desire.
  • I am committed to assisting you to bring out your true desires and it doesn’t have to take you as long as it took me. 
  • I have created a space for your exploration. It isn’t necessarily to leave your job, although that may be something you choose when the time is right for you, if that even is.
  • My program and systems are personalised for you so you will clearly see your desires.

How important is it to you to give yourself the chance To look at what is possible for you and what you desire right now?

If you would like a space from someone who knows the pros and cons of being a teacher and the ins and outs, I have created The Art of Living Your Desires Program that is available for you.

what do you think you would like to do if you could do anything?

It is my experience, that if you don’t know how to de-stress or manage your time you will stay physically exhausted and stay exactly where you are and not move. From the beginning of the program we have a high focus on valuing your time, your self-care and your emotional health.

What you will gain From this program:

  • Be clear on your purpose and desires. 

  • Live in your own power so that you are on the path to managing your stress.

  • Create the necessary structures so you no longer feel emotionally drained and instead feel empowered with the life choices you make.

  • Clarity in any limiting beliefs you may have about your role as a teacher, mother, wife, friend and a woman.

In The Art of Living Your Desires 8 week program you will receive:

Imagine what your life would be like without the stress and exhaustion?

What would that feel like? How would it make you feel?

  • A Welcome Package

  • 7 x 30 min private sessions over the phone or Skype

  • Worksheets to help you work through the key content related to your desires and dreams.

  • Unlimited email access to me.

  • Membership to a private Facebook group

  • 1 hour call with an Action Plan to implement for the next six months.

AN Overview of Modules and The Program

Week 1

The Welcome Package - The Orientation Process

Week 2

Worksheet 2 – Discovering Your Desires 

Week 3

Worksheet 3 – Your Unique Gifts 

Week 4

Worksheet 4 – Unblocking Your Fears 

Week 5

Worksheet 5 – Building Your Self-Confidence  

Week 6

Worksheet 6–Living In Your Empowered State 

Week 7

Worksheet 7 – Implementing Your New Tools 

Week 8

1 hour Skype Intensive Call – Creating Your Six Month Action Plan

The Investment

Option 1

Pay In Full (discounted)


Option 2

Deposit of $250

plus 2 fortnightly

payments of $175

Join The Art of Living Your Desires Program by 30th January , 2015 and receive a

Bonus 45 minute Jump start coaching session

to really get your desires moving!

P.S. My New Coaching Program The Art of Living in Your Desires ​is exclusively designed for women who are tired of living in stress and overwhelm and are ready to feel energised, inspired and experience more joy and ease in their lives.